• Nino Siciliano

    2012 Masters National Champion

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    I started bodybuildings in 1986. My first bodybuilding competition was in 1987. That competition was the continental USA. I placed second in that competition. The following year, 1989, I competed again in the continental USA, that's when I met Franco


    Franco was about 5 foot tall full of a muscle. They announced him as the bantamweight national champion in 1985. Back in those days, as well as today, that was a big accomplishment. Skip forward to 2007, I was training at a gym called fitness image. There was a trainer named Sue Steel. She had been a trainer there for quite some time, she came up to me and mentioned she was working with a bodybuilder named Franco Fontanez.



    She had mentioned to me that he was training to compete again in the Illinois state show as well as Masters nationals. She also mentioned to Franco that I was competing in no shows as well. She had mentioned to me that it would be a great thing if we could meet up at the state show and Masters nationals and help each other out, because this was Frank's come back into bodybuilding. I could just tell you that it was an honor for me to have an opportunity to work out Franco.


    So going forward we trained together all the way to Masters nationals in 2009. After that Franco decided to go on the personal training. And of high cost but so of course I was not finished. I wanted to win the Masters nationals. End of story.


    So this year I decided to compete in Junior nationals, which is held here in Chicago as well as the wings of strength and PC and Pro show, finishing with the 2012 Masters nationals in Pittsburgh, PA. My placing the Junior nationals was less than I expected, seventh place, which was too far out of the top five for me. So I was thinking I had two shows left to do, and my mission was to win the Masters nationals over 50. So of course I called Frankie.


    I met Franco at Quads Gym, Frank said to me, I'm glad you caught me. I looked at your pictures. And there are some things we could work on that would make you look so much better, for your next two shows. I worked with


    Frankie for the next four weeks. My body changed in four weeks, more than it ever had in the last six months . I won two classes at the wings of strength and finished up with a first-place victory at the Masters national championships.


    Without Franco's help, that would not have been possible. His forty years experience is invaluable for anybody, including bodybuilders trying to look better for competition.


    So in closing if you are looking to change your body and just look better. Which is the goal of everybody now days, Frankie is the man to talk to. I have been a trainer for over 25 years. His experience and his eye for building bodies, as well as your every day average Joe, is invaluable.




    Nino Siciliano - 2012 Masters national champion.