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    It sounds cheesy to use the word “Miracle Worker,” -- but that is what Frankie Fontanez is to me


    It sounds cheesy to use the word “Miracle Worker,” but that is what Frankie Fontanez is to me. I’ve lived with a form of gynecomastia (what some would call “man boobs”) all of my life. As a kid I used to wear t-shirts when I would play in the sprinkler and as young adult, I didn’t spend much time in the water at all. I also loved the fall and winter because I could layer clothing to conceal my chest. I was told it could only be fixed by surgery. Frank said all we had to do with build the muscle -- and he was right.


    I started seeing a trainer in my early 30s, but it was cut short when he abruptly stopped training and took on a new career. At that time, I didn’t feel confident enough to train on my own and wasn’t really sure what I was doing when I did step foot into the gym. My partner had started training with Frankie and thought he might be a good fit for me. Having seen how Frankie trained during a competition and watching him train others, I was a bit nervous. However, it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened.


    With one glance Frankie was able to see my body’s potential and knew the exact workouts needed to achieve that goal. He works at a pace that is comfortable to me and is always aware of when it’s time to add more weight, less weight, or change exercises because my body has become too comfortable with a machine. Frankie always keeps me focused and doesn’t allow outside noises or other chatter to cut that focus. He always makes sure I have proper form and explains why that is important. What Frankie teaches cannot be found in text books, magazines, or the internet. His wealth of knowledge comes from years of physical training, proper diet, and bodybuilding competitions. And though there is a lot of hard work, Frankie really does make working out fun!


    So in short, Frankie Fontanez is a Miracle Worker. What he has helped me achieve has been life changing. I can now throw on a tank top, in the summer, and walk outside. I’ve even been able to go into the gym, on my own, and workout with confidence when Frankie is on vacation. However, I am always extremely excited when he returns.