• A Couple's Review: Frank Knows So Much

    Want to be the Best? Train with the Best

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    Get ready for a life changing,

    Highly-focused experience


    Frank is an awesome trainer! He is reliable, patient and always knows how to challenge me to do my best. He seems to work as if by magic since he knows just how much to challenge me end encourage me.


    As to the results, I could not be more pleased. Frank really knows what he is doing. He is able to look at me and listen to my goals and provide exactly the workout I need. It is never boring. Frank knows so much that he can change it up from week to week so you get the full workout you need and the results you hope for without any sense of drudgery.


    Frank is very focused on you, what you want and exactly how you are doing the exercises. If Frank is training you, he is training you, with his full attention. He is not checking his phone or lallygagging.


    Get ready for a life changing, highly-focused experience!


    -- Rose

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    "Who is that guy?"


    Frank Fontanez is the absolute best! Where do I begin?


    I have had many trainers before but none compare to him. First, I never get injured. Frank is very closely tuned to what will stretch me to be and do my best without straining me or hurting me.


    He is always on time, patient, calm and reliable--exactly what I need when I am trying something new. Plus the results are amazing. I found after a few months with Frank I had to look twice at myself in mirrors. "Who is that guy?" I would have to ask myself.


    My body went through exactly the positive transformations I was looking for. In addition, there is Frank's expertise. I have been working with Frank now for years and still I find I am learning. Lately we have been focusing on seemingly small points that make all the difference in one's regimen, in the results I get and the overall feeling of well-being.


    Working with Frank has changed my life so much for the better, I am so grateful on so many fronts.


    -- Clive