• I'm the Biggest I've Ever Been

    Want to be the Best? Train with the Best

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    I started out competing in the men's physique category at 5'11", weighing 165lbs


    As much as I pushed myself in the gym I could never get past the 180lb mark. When I met Mr. Frank, he told me that I would have to upgrade my working out to actually training. My goal was to compete in the classic physique category which would require more size, especially in my legs. Mr. Frank told me that by using his methods of old school bodybuilding he could definitely get me to the required size to compete and win in the classic physique category.


    I've never trained this hard, and I've never seen results like have after training with Mr. Frank. He's been teaching me the importance of not only having size, but also being symmetrical, conditioned, and having finesse, and control while posing. We exceeded my goal of 180lb and we are aiming for the 200lb mark. I'm the biggest I've ever been with hard cut muscle. I fully recommend that anyone who wants to bodybuild correctly, train with Mr. Frank.



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    Before and After