• It's All About the Qualifications - And More

    Want to be the Best? Train with the Best

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    If you have read the other reviews, you will find that we who train under Frank can’t seem to say enough about him


    It’s just hard to describe what a different kind of body-building trainer he is. He has won multiple national titles and an incredible number of other body building events. He is a true professional in his industry. But somehow this time with Frank goes further. All of us get the results — yes, results we never would have believed possible -- and in many ways much more. I think it is the way Frank does it. He shows us what we need to do, and somehow get us to want to do that. He has proven that he knows how and what the human body reacts to. So it simply comes down to a body’s reaction to input. For us, it is like getting a winning lottery ticket.


    If you see some of Frank’s pictures and videos, you may think that he is a yelling-sergeant type. Or maybe a body builder who looks down on people who have not attained physical zenith. Frank is just the opposite. For people who train under him, he wants them to see what is possible, and he wants to see them do it.


    When I had knee surgery, he traveled to me at a gym closer to my home to keep up the training. I did not ask him to do this; he wanted to. The difference in the recovery was shocking. This had been my second knee surgery and I hardly had any swelling. (The first knee surgery, before I knew Frank, swelled so much I was afraid of gangrene. It had swelled to the size of a tree trunk.)


    And his style that is extraordinary. Again, this is what is so difficult to put into words. He’s not going to count out reps and give you a canned, hollow positive reinforcement line. Any “trainer” can do that. If you just want that or or want to network for business reasons, just go to the expensive “high-end” clubs in River North. Just be sure to compare the qualifications that their trainers have against Frank’s qualifications. (Last I checked, none of their trainers had even won, much less competed, in any body building events.) You'll get minimal results, but you can always say you are a member there.


    For Frank, it is all about the symmetry. For him it is a matter of tiring out the muscles with proven Arnold Schwarzenegger Venice beach methods. This also means lifting safely. Because an injury would be a set back. So Frank does not push people into heavy weights. It is more about lighter weights and more reps.


    And that methods works. When he was competing, other body builders would call him the Giant Killer. Because while the bigger guys had larger arms, Frank was symmetrical — his legs were just as developed as his arms. Just as his back and chest were. And Frank would win the competitions.


    So if you are wanting to upgrade your life, this is the time. Get the body you want. All of us who train with Frank know what Frank can do. Again, he knows how and what the body will react to. This is why he believes and expects the results. We routinely tell others about him, but amazingly, only a few will listen. Maybe they don’t believe what they envision is possible.


    If you have come this far, at least try it for yourself. All of us who train under Frank are amazed -- and most of all, thankful. And we want others to experience what we have experienced. It’s more than just training — it’s your health and your confidence and your happiness. And in many ways, that is way better than money.


    - Paul