• Results You Never Imagined

    Want to be the Best? Train with the Best

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    Frank (“Frankie”) Fontanez is a rare breed of trainer

    The depth of his knowledge, experience and skill enable him to get maximum results whether you’re a novice just beginning a fitness program for the first time, or a champion bodybuilder seeking to reach an even higher level of success.


    It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, in your 20s or more “mature,” Frankie WILL help you not only get results, but results you never imagined you could achieve.


    After you talk with Frankie in person and explain what your training goals are, Frankie’s many years of experience enable him to figure out what the best approach to training would be for you; he can identify weaknesses and knows exactly what training strategies and techniques needed to achieve muscularity and symmetry.


    IT’S NOT ABOUT THE WEIGHT!” From the very first session, Frankie reinforces his guiding principle that to build and shape muscles that it’s not about the amount of weight you use, but how effectively you use it. When pushing your muscles to achieve maximum performance, the secret is proper body position and proper technique throughout each repetition so that you “make the weight feel heavy,” as Frankie teaches.


    Frankie’s clients achieve RESULTS because he focuses on applying proven, but often overlooked, techniques he has learned over many years of training, competing and winning.


    -- Cary