• "Enough is Enough"

    "I Competed At Age 57 & Placed 2nd"

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    My name is Cynthia Stewart and I’m a baby-boomer

    fitness junkie


    I took my Life back 6 yrs ago via diet & exercise. I was stressed, depressed & miserable.

    I woke up on January 1, 2012 and when I looked in the mirror I didn’t recognize that woman and said “Enough is Enough!!” I was an athlete as young girl and active most of my life. Nearly 6 years later I decided to train for my first ever Women’s Physique Competition.


    On May 5, 2018 I competed at age 57 & placed 2nd.


    There is no way that I could have reached my goals without my Coach Mr. Francisco (Frankie) Fontanez. My wellness doctor Paul Savage introduced me to Frankie after I expressed my interest in competing. We instantly connected at our first meeting. Frankie was a kind gentleman who listened to me go on and on about my vision. Mr Fontanez has 40 years of bodybuilding experience and has competed 140 times and he’s a Baby-Boomer too. Well he nodded a few times, commented and agreed to take on the challenge to create a Masterpiece that I thought was only in my head.


    I promised him that I would toss everything I thought I knew about bodybuilding away and that I would be all in. He started off gentle like his personality and then before I knew it he went into Dr. Frankenstein Mode. When it comes to bodybuilding, Frankie has his own “Bag of Tricks.” His techniques on how to hold the weights, posture, form, timing, mind-muscle connection and nutrition (these are just a few) have given me a new appreciation for this Lifestyle. Yes Lifestyle! This isn’t just a sport or fitness activity, it’s a real Lifestyle.

    We trained for six months, I ate super clean and rested like never before. We started off at 3 days a week, arms & shoulders, chests & back and legs.



    I shared with Frankie when we met that my knees were bad. He replied “We can work around them and still get you there. Don’t worry no need for squats.” I thought, yeah ok. So he went in his bag of tricks and made it happen. My diet was ok until one day he looked at me and said “I gotta get harder.” Harder I thought. Well he meant leaner which means tweak diet & supplements. Oh boy did he tweak them.

    So not only did Frankie tailor my workouts he tailored my diet to take me where I never thought I could go.


    Luckily I’m pretty discipline as prior to meeting Frankie. I was following the Keto Lifestyle. So I thought, hey if I can live without carbs I can do anything and I was right. Was it tough, of course but I did it!


    He paid attention to my every move and tweaked even more as we got closer the Competition. Frankie stayed on me. He called me multiple times a day. Checking on my moods, asking me what I ate, how much water & salt, etc, etc. He became a new Best Friend. I could cry, complain and rant and he remained calm & cool. He would even share his favorite prayers with me and I was convinced that I was sent to him via the Heavens.



    Not only did I feel comfort in his presence I felt the genuine kindness and determination needed from a Coach thus I began calling him Coach and respectfully addressing him as Sir. I could go on all day about this man. I am truly appreciative and blessed to have been coached by such a great person and can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeve.



    Thank you Frankie your are the Best!!!


    Cynthia, May 2018